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Essentials For A Mobile Optimized Website

57% of all website visitors do so on a mobile device. If your mobile website is not optimized for the best user experience, you could be alienating over half of your potential visitors!

We've gathered the most essential features for a properly mobile optimized website:

1) Large Text

We've all experienced the eye strain that comes with trying to read text on a mobile device. Make it easy on your visitors by increasing the font size to 16-18 point. This will save your visitors from having to "pinch and zoom".

2) Large Buttons

This goes hand in hand with the larger text. How many times have you tried clicking on a small button or even worse, a text link, only to have it go to a different link? Make sure to not only make your buttons large enough but allow for blank space between multiple buttons to avoid visitors clicking on the wrong button.

3) Simplify Wherever Possible

This is good advice for all of your website projects but especially when it comes to your mobile site. A simplified menu is a must to make it easy for mobile visitors to easily navigate your site on their phones. Consider only including essential pages on your mobile version. Most visitors are looking for the basics when visiting a mobile site. Which leads us to...

4) Make It Easy To Contact

Many mobile visitors are coming to your site to contact you while they are away from their computer. Be sure to include a phone icon or one that leads to a simple contact form. Both of these features will increase your ability to convert visitors to customers.

5) Avoid Pop Ups

Think of how annoying pop ups are on a desktop. Now imagine trying to click a tiny little "x" on your phone to get rid of them. Pop ups on mobile devices are a "hard no"!

If you follow these best practices for a mobile optimized site you will be well on your website to the ultimate user friendly site. The good news is that our team of Wix Experts are well versed in these, and all, website best practices. If you're ready to get started on your dream website contact us below.


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