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Joe Seltzer's Great Rhythm Course

Great Rhythm was designed to easily train music students with no experience to master rhythm, tempo and timing... In just 5 minutes a day. Any Age. Any ability. Any Instrument.

The course features 140 Guided Practice Sessions, 16+ Hours of Practice-Along Instructional Content!

Joe's challenge was 2-fold. Firstly, he needed a way to easily merge his existing website, and his music course web series hosted on ClickFunnels, while improving the overall aesthetic and getting away from the DIY look. Secondarily, he wanted to integrate a place where students could also book time with him for private lessons.

I didn't start teaching music to learn to design websites, and I was ready to resign from that job and delegate. It's great to have your work done by people who are as excited about their work as I am about mine.

By reworking some of the processes and flows from his previous website, we were able to design a membership portal and tie it with the huge database of video content for Joe's student to watch.

everyone I spoke with was friendly and enthusiastic to get my project right by me. They even came across an issue because of the amount of video content, but presented a few possible solutions instead of just the problem. Anytime there was an issue, they said, "here's what we could do, what sounds best to you?" and never the ominous "we're working on it."
I've been doing my website DIY on wix for over 8 years, and I would definitely recommend using their VERY affordable design rates, and saving yourself the stress. I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted it to look like. I had examples in my industry of sites I liked and sites I didn't like. I knew what aspects I wanted to duplicate and what I really wanted to avoid in a site. They really listened and asked great questions to clarify.
The final result? They did a beautiful job!

Curious what Wixspace can do for you? Looking to streamline and refine, or invent and reinvent? Book a free no-obligation call with one of the knowledgeable reps on our team. Want to talk technical? No problem, ask for a developer to join you on the call!

We're happy to tackle your project and help you grow your business.

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