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Custom Websites For Growing Businesses

Get professional and affordable web design services to grow your small business. Our agency specializes in helping companies like yours set up their first website, or update your existing website. We’ll be your partner, not just a vendor.

Build Your New Website
In A Few Easy Steps


Connect with our team to discuss the type of website you want for your new project or business.

From functionality to branding and layout, we'll help you each step of the way.


See the first proof of your website in only a few business days.

Our expert team will  help you with website layout, build-out, on-page SEO, and the launch of your new website.


After your site has passed our quality testing and your approval, its launch time!

Once your website passes our quality checks, we index it directly to Google.

Word On The Street

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My website project was to merge my existing wixsite and music lessons sales with my web course that was hosted on ClickFunnels, and keep it under budget. My web presence was convoluted and clunky to operate and had a been for years, but I was skeptical anyone would do it and I'd continue to DIY my brains out.... (Read Full Review)

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Our Process

Work With A Top-Rated Web Design Agency

Our team of expert Wix designers at Wixspace specializes in partnering with small and medium sized businesses to deliver sites that are customized for their needs. We believe in a simple, straightforward process of designing, hosting, and maintaining your site so you can focus on running your business. We've helped hundreds of businesses, just like yours, bring their dream website to life.


When you begin your project with Wixspace, you'll be matched with a dedicated website project manager who will be working closely with you to make sure we are on the same page and have a strategic plan in place that aligns with your initial vision and makes your goals achievable.

You will have the opportunity to develop a one-to-one relationship with your PM, as you exchange assets, notes, and goals through the interview process.

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Design & Development

No matter what style of site you're looking for, your PM is the one who can help make it happen. From fonts to colors and icons- they will design everything on a single page or throughout an entire website!

Your Project Manager is your direct contact, and  will get input from both you and other stakeholders about what should go where- they'll make sure that every part of your site looks consistent with others without being too repetitive or boring!

Launching Your Website

Building your website may seem a challenging process, but with the help of Wixspace you'll be up and running in no time.

After you've approved your new Wix website design, we make sure that it's built to best practices. After our rigorous quality checking process and submitting it for indexing with Google, your new site will be listed on the first page for branded search within no time!

Ongoing Support

Building your website is only the first step. Wixspace works with you for the long term, offering unlimited revisions and ongoing support to help grow your business whether you want to revisit a design or update products/services, there's no need to be on top of everything yourself!


Whether you're in search of training opportunities within the Wix dashboard features or are looking for advice about updating any products that have been added since launching (and we do it all!), our team is here for you.

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